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June 22, 2010
Wedding dinner are now becoming an occasion where one meets old friends and relatives alike for the celebration. I had my share of great moments meeting ex-colleagues cum friends at a recent wedding held at Cyberview Lodge, Cyberjaya.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! May the both of you have a bright future together!
Bear deco on the wedding car
Reception area before the wedding dinner
Dinner table center piece
Big group of ex-colleagues
Cheeky monkeys with the dslr, taking self-portrait
My two taikos from work

Do misses my ex-colleagues so much. They are funny and spontaneous. Looking back, I do had my fair share of great moments with them. Listening to them talking crap and snapping at each other during working hours are something you can't get from other company. That is what I like of my company. Do have the freedom of speech then. But things had change, they are no longer in the same company as I was. But was glad that they do still think of me as a friend even we had all parted ways.

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