New Addition - Baby Bella

March 21, 2014
This is a little overdue. Was a little tied up for the past few weeks.

My little baby sister was getting ready to for the big day and all of us were anxious waiting as the days passes by before the big appearance of Baby Bella. The very morning we got a message from baby sister that she is bleeding a little. And we were sticking close to our phone the whole day waiting for the next update from my sister and her darling hubby.

Finally the call came that my sister safely delivered a baby girl in the evening with a healthy weight of 3.02kg.

Meet the little fella. Peeking from the cot after placed down by her mother's bed by the nurse. We were making so much noise settling my sister in and taking a look at the little fella in the constrain place (in the twin sharing room).

Not the best picture of her though. But this is one fresh from the 'oven' when we finally met in person (apart from some pictures my bro-in-law sent).

Welcome to the 'crazy' family. ♥ Hugs & Kisses from all of us - Tai Yee ♥

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