Meeting Lil Bella

March 21, 2014
After meeting her on the first day of her arrival at the hospital. I was so stuck with things and then down with flu and cough. Doctor forbid me to go near pregnant woman and what more baby. T_T

Yes, the whole family is very much excited about the arrival of the little one (Both my parents are very excited about the little one, though they cover it up so well). Both my parents went to hospital to make ginger drink and red dates for her (she had her mum-in-law who made them already though). Hehehe . . . how can I blame my parents. She is the first grandchild in the family. ^.^

My sister made the compilation of the faces since I could not see her on the second day at the hospital.

She had the little nose like her grandma. And it seems that she will be a talkative little one too!

She is listening closely to my sister (bringing her to bkt! reported by my mum). Ahh . . .  cute little fella. ♥♥♥

Listening to to grandma. Wonder what's so funny in their conversation.

♥ Day 2 - at the hospital

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