Medan, Part 12 – Mikie Holiday Resort

March 17, 2014
Mikie Holiday Resort is located mid way from Medan to Berastagi city offering a beautiful panorama of high land resort. Berastagi has been very popular weekend resort for the people of Medan and foreign leisure travelers. Berastagi town is located around 60 kms from Medan city on a high land connecting the southern part of North Sumatra the famous traditional culture of Batak and the beauty of nature such as magnificent waterfalls and lake Toba.

Mikie Holiday Resort room have different theme apparently . . . a themed hotel!.

Best kept hotel so far for the whole trip. Clean and upkeep at least. Our room were nearer to the exit to the theme park with more people walking by. Other than that it was pretty ok. We had the connecting room with my parents. Ours were red and nothing much on the wall. Our parents had the the big Rock-n-Roll guitar on their wall. Pretty cool.

With two chairs at the "Patio"; parents, uncles and aunts were having a session of chit chatting enjoying the snacks we bought while enjoying the cool weather in Berastagi.


Picture before we leave for our next destination and back to homeland.

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