Medan, Part 8 – Toledo Inn

March 03, 2014
Located at the banks of the volcanic lake, Toledo Inn was surrounded by lush trees. They had a small place cordon off from the lake as their pool.

Toledo Inn

Our dinner was served with delicious dishes of curries and soup. We wallop everything . . . clean! Probably we were really hungry.

We even had fruit cocktail for dessert!

That is the dinner. As for the room . . . it is rather disappointing compared to the impressive exterior of the resort. As our room is quite secluded at the end of the resort. The smell of thinner and paint are so strong as they are repairing the old sampan right in front of our room. As our room is at the end of the resort, there were quite badly maintained. The room was a little dusty and worst. . .  there are so many mosquitos in there!! Super large and painful sting. My uncle had to request for a change of room after showing the front desk manager about his room condition.

Ours are slightly better . . . as the picture below. But with the large window where a person can just walk through it... put chills to our thoughts (especially my sister. She kept asking me she would be carried off in the middle of the night. What an imaginative mind!) My parents move into our room for that night as it worried my parents too that only two of us in the room.

This is the condition of our room. That room behind the tree is our room.

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