Medan, Part 8 – Toledo Inn, Part II

March 03, 2014
Toledo Inn - Next morning : The walkabout before we depart from the island to our next destination.

It was indeed a beautiful landscape of land, sea and sky. With the soothing breeze in the morning and the fresh air from the lush greenery (apart from the mosquitoes) it was indeed a nice place to be in from the hectic of the busy life back home.

Beautiful sunrise before we head on to have our breakfast.

The landscape of the place was not too bad if it was well kept. Especially when my room was located at the edge of the island where more (rubbish) unwanted item were placed for refurbishing. Not to mention, those are the things which invited more insects and mosquitoes to the area. Apart from the not so acceptable room with the timely 'defects', mosquitoes and the large window, all are good.

It actually had those little french cottage feel minus the blue metal stuff.

The big signage of the main building with its big name.

As the sun is rising.

Those flowers and plants are beautiful too . . . probably of the nice weather and the nourishing soil of the volcanic area.

As the run is coming out, I forced my parents for the picture before breakfast while we checking out of our room.

One touch of the water just to 'mark' our journey to the place.

That's the little 'island' of the Inn for their natural pool.

Group picture of OUR Group.

Departing the Toledo Inn from the speed boat. It was actually had beautiful landscape.

One more picture of our room.

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