Medan, Part 13 - Poor Clares

March 17, 2014
Poor Clares . . . this is a real adventure! I mean getting there. There is no proper road to the location, and our bus could not get to the location either. We got to hire their local van aka tut-tut like vehicle to drive us up. With only about 8 - 10 passengers per car. Passing through dirt road and pebbles road to get to the place. Boy it was really really bumpy ride!

It was before lunch when we reached. The kind nuns made us all tea and served us cakes and biscuits while they cooked us lunch. After our tea, we made our way to their main chapel for prayer of the day. Small little place uphill.

And the stairs we climb up to the chapel. After prayer we had simple lunch. Simple and delicious. Hardly had the time to snap some pictures as all were hungry after the long climb on the stairs getting up and down. =D

Guess this is one place not the common tour will bring you as it is way outskirt from the main road and the places of interest. But it is indeed a blessings to see these by joining the pilgrimage tour.

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