Restoran Hong Hing, Bentong

August 27, 2012
It was during the Raya Holidays. When dad suggested that we go about looking for food at Bentong. It is rarely that dad is adventurous in looking for food these days after.

We went to this shop after it was suggested by the local goods lady from the main road.

Kong Sai Tau Fu Pok – RM12

Apparently, Kong Sai Tau Fu Pok is one of their special dish as well as most of the locals are Kong Sai. Not too bad, though we can easily gets Kong Sai Tau Fu Pok from paramout.

Pak Sou Kong Wong – RM48

First time on hearing that there is a kind of fish which called Pak Sou Kong Wong (emperor). If you didn't  know its fish, you will mistaken it as terrapin - soft and thin skin.

Salted Egg Snake Bean - RM11

The usage of salted egg is plentiful these days. Unexpectedly, it is very nice as well.

Claypot Kangkung – RM11

This is pretty unsual for how kangkung was served. This is nice, as the claypot keeps the heat and the fragrant of little bits of salted fish made the dish more appetizing.

Steam Kampung Chicken – RM28

It is recommended by the lady boss for several times. Then we gave in and ordered it. The 'kampung' chicken meat is chewy and the sauce of shallots and ginger goes very well. This is so like the traditional dish we had during the Chinese New Year. However, the dish is a little cold when it was served.

A little photography of my sister and my mum while we were waiting for our food - as usual. Hahaha . . .

Another picture of the banner of the stall.

Restoran Hong Hing
No.18, Jalan Genting Sempah,
28750 Bentong,
Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia
T : 012 – 950 5652

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