Typica Cafe, Shaw Parade Plaza - Revisit

June 23, 2012
This is another way way outdated post… it was Christmas, planning with Pam and YH to go down town for photography shooting. I am embarrassed to say the least. However, we dropped by at Shaw Parade for some food and light refreshments before proceed to the heart of KL for some serious photography.

We made our orders promptly as both YH and I had come to this little warm café. The decoration at Typic a café had changed a little from the last time we went. It has the rustic old Christmas feel to it. With little small handmade Christmas tree on each table and the over head hang some natural brown ornament which matches the interior of the café.

Ice Drip Gula Melaka Coffee – RM18

Served in a martini glass and a iced heart shaped gula Melaka. The coffee is poured into the cup slowly.

Ice dripped coffee, with palm sugar a.k.a. gula melaka. The otherwise bitter coffee is sweetened by the buttery sugar which tasted like brown sugar but with a creamier taste as the iced gula Melaka melts slowly. One is advice to sip the coffee slowly to savor the taste.

Coffee with Pandan Flavour Fresh Milk – RM14

It is indeed a unique combination of coffee with pandan flavor fresh milk. The coffee has a little tint of green on the foam when it was served, from the pandan extract I presume. Surprisingly, the coffee tasted alright and it is has the distinctive smell of pandan.

Coffee with Rose Tea and Honey – RM15

At Typica Café, it is usually recommended to have the coffee black to taste the savor the original taste of the bean and its aroma. This time, I had the coffee with rose tea and honey. The taste of coffee couldn’t be dismissed though with the generous amount of rose petal and honey. It wasn’t exactly coffee mixed with rose tea. Instead it is, the coffee is less bitter I can definitely say, and it is very fragrant with the rose tea as well! Beautiful when it was served.

Mango Delight – RM10

Mango delight was recommended to us to accompany our drinks. The sweet smell of the mango when it was served did whet up our appetite. It wasn’t too sweet as the original sweetness comes from the fruit itself.

There was a generous amount of pumpkin seeds by the sides of the cake. This adds a little crunchiness to the otherwise soft and fluffy cake.

Fresh Fruit Cream Cake – RM10

The last time we had strawberry cheese cake. This time, I had fresh fruit cream cake. The cake does go well with our drinks too. The sweet and sour citrus of the fresh fruits and the cream of the cake made the drinks creamier when it was mixed in the palate.

Instead of nuts, there are desiccated coconuts on the sides of the cake. Other than adding a little crunch, the coconut helps to balance the acidic citrus of the fruits and the sweetness of the sponge cake.

The rustic environment of the small café, it is indeed very homey.

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GL-08,Ground Floor, Shaw Parade,
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T : 03-2145 0328
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