Ka Fei Dian, KL Festival City

December 07, 2011
It was after the Jombali’s review and it was the weekend too, when we decided to check out the new mall – KL Festival City. At first I did thought it was a festival held at some place and after some discussion and searching, only that I knew it was actually a new mall nearby Setapak.

We ended up having our tea break at Ka Fei Dian when it started to pour heavily outside after which we wanted to leave. The half price tea break took out attention. But the banner did give my partner in crime a misunderstood though when she thought it was entirely half price instead of just the bread. The cozy bricked and old time design of wooden stools and table did bring back the warmth. The aromatic smell of the brewing coffee is inviting.

Kopi Susu - RM4.00 (Cold) , RM3.20 (Hot)
Teh Susu - RM3.20 (Hot)
Kopi Cham Teh - RM3.20 (Hot)

The drink was OK. Smooth and aromatic as I had expected it to be from the appealing smell when we stepped into the shop.

Roti Bun / Roti KFD - RM3.20 - Promo Tea Break - RM1.60

The bun on the other hand, was not as good as I had hoped to be. Comparing to the toast I had a week earlier, that is way better in term or aroma and texture of the kaya.

Ka Fei Dian @ KL Festival City
Lot G32, KL Festival City,
No.67, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota
Taman Danau Kota, Setapak,
53300 Kuala Lumpur

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