Celebration at Old Man Restaurant, Bandar Baru Bangi / Kajang

November 06, 2011
In conjunction of celebration of birthdays for the October babies on the 8th October. My sister recommended this restaurant which she had tried. She had been boasting about the claypot soup and the superior fried rice the day before made our reservation. It had been sometime that we went to Kajang for meals. It was rather a funny name when she mentioned it to me.

It was proudly advertised in their menu and their brochure that their specialty was featured in the Ho Chak! local TV program.

Soup in Clay Pot 煨汤 : Shark Bone Soup - RM25
Served in a piping hot claypot. The soup is clear and sweet from the hours of boiling and the ingredients used.

The soup is sweet and fragrant from the hours of boiling by the softness of the shark bones. It is a clear soup with some chicken bits in it. Unlike the shark fin which was usually served during wedding are starchy. Hmm... I'm not sure objecting to shark fin is the same as to shark bone?

Superior Fried Rice with Tobikko - RM45

This is definitely a must try. It was introduced in the local food program. The rice is fluffy and well cooked. The tobikko not only it added colour to the yellowish fried rice which was coated with egg but it also add a taste of saltiness to it from the liquid of the tobikko.

Fried Oyster Mushrooms - RM10

This fried oyster mushroom is very unique. Crunchy and the taste of salted egg, buttery and fragrant. Very nice combination to go with rice and as snacks as well.

Yau Wuat Fish - RM27

The fish is rather normal compared to the earlier dish. But it is fresh though. The outer layer of the fish is crispy as it oil dipped and topped with soy sauce.

Mongolian Meat Chop - RM21

This is another interesting dish. The meat was earlier marinated and pan fried before it is cooked in the sauce. The sauce is very appetizing to go with the rice. It is not entirely meat chop but is partly spare ribs.

Fried Lotus Root with Celery - RM12

Another chef recommended dish of the chef. Consist of celery, carrots, lotus root, lack fungus, button mushrooms and roasted cashew nuts. Apart from being a bit too oily, it is fine.

House Specialty Noodle - RM12

Well, since it is a birthday celebration. How can we not have noodles for dinner? We ordered yet another chef recommended dish. It looks like "Sang Har Mien" as the noodles are pre-fried and topped with sauce and a generous topping of seafood and meat. I find this a bit too salty, otherwise it will be a great dish.

"Wuad Dan Hor", Normal - RM15

Dad is definitely afraid that we had not enough. He added another noodles - Wuad Dan Hor. This is a normal wuad dan hor as they have another recommended dish of wuad dan hor with shark fin. I find this less starchy compare so some and is has quite alot of eggs too.

o(◕ ‿ ◕)o

The cake was bought from RT Pastry. It is one of our all time favourite cake.

This is an earlier picture before dinner. Sister was busy ordering but could still BB at the same time.

The eater that lead the way to this restaurant.

Old Man Restaurant
No.5 & 7, Jalan Kajang Impian 1/11,
Taman Kajang Impian, Seksyen 7,
43650 Bamdar Baru Bangi, Selangor
(Exit Sg Ramai (B) Toll Kajang)
Business Hours : 1200 - 1500, 1730 - 2300
T: 012-345 0575, 012 - 238 0575, 012 - 292 5738
W : www.oldmanrestaurant.com

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