C.I Xpress 大家爱, 1 Utama

October 29, 2011
It was midweek when me and my buddies meet up for dinner. The nearest we could think of is 1Utama. We were looking for something not too expensive and where we can catch up with one another. Buddy suggested C.I Xpress which is not too expensive and with a large seating area. C.I Xpress based on the fast food concept serves chinese and western food. Initially I wanted to share with one main with my buddy. We ended up with one each instead.

Pork Chop Rice - RM12.80

Look similar to the cheese baked rice in Kim Gary but this has no cheese. Therefore, it is not too stuffed compare to Kim Gary's. Being my first time here, it is not too bad. The meat is tender and succulent. Rice is also very nice as it had absorbed the tomato puree of the sauce. It also has carrots, onions which makes the sauce tasted sweet and for a healthier outlook, broccoli is used as garnishing. As this set is under the signature set, it comes with a drink. The drink is creamy. I love my yin-yong that way. I actually can finish up the entire portion. But, I have to share with my buddy as I wanted to try her dish too.

Grilled Chicken with Maple Syrup - RM19.60

My buddy had this grilled chicken chop with maple syrup. Served on a hot plate, the chicken is also succulent and sweet from the maple syrup glaze. With corn in cob, fries and some broccoli, the chicken also comes with a brown sauce. Besides that, as its promotion at that time. It comes with a bowl of soup. The soup is also quite delicious as it is quite sweet from the onions and carrots. Looks like those ABC soup we used to boil at home but without the pepper.

Another buddy sharing with her hubby ordered roast pork set, where it comes with a bowl of rice, vegetables and a drink. With an additional top-up, they get a dessert of Tauhu Fah with red bean. The tauhu fah doesn't look smooth but couldn't ask for too much from a fast food restaurant.

C.I Xpress
Lot G120 & G121, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47300 Selangor
T : 03 - 7727 9888
F : 03 - 7727 0881

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