Borneo Rainforest Cafe, Bandar Sunway

October 12, 2011
Set in a rainforest like environment with lush green bushes, man made waterfall, wooded settings and dining beneath the open sky; it does transfer you to a secluded setting among the greens from the busy street in the concrete jungle outdoor. Borneo Rainforest specializes in authentic Borneo cuisine; the food from the east of Malaysia - Sarawak.

Mee Kolok - RM13.90
It is made of blanched egg noodle, served in a light sauce and tender beef slices with some condiments.

We could normally find mee kolok in food court or stalls. However, you could not find serving mee kolok like such outside (as far as I know) with thick slices of juicy beef and a hearty bowl of clear mushroom and vegetables soup. Though it is a simple dish, but it is definitely a very delicious one.

Sarawak Laksa - RM14.90
The signature dish of springy vermicelli submerged in a concoction of deliciously thick soup in rich santan (coconut milk) and spices, topped with tasty chunks of seafood, chicken and slice omelette.

The Sarawak Laksa tasted sort of like a curry laksa. The thick broth of santan and spice and generously topped with chunks of seafood, chicken and slices of omelet. It is the the signature dish of the restaurant, absolutely delicious when it was piping hot.

Umai - RM13.90
Umai is a raw fish salad popular among various ethnic groups of Sarawak, especially the Melanaus. In fact, umai is a traditional working lunch for the Melanau fishermen.

Umai is prepared raw, iced but not frozen. It is made of thin slivers of raw mackarel, thinly sliced onions, chilli, salt and the juice of sour fruits like lime or assam. Its simplicity makes it a cinch for fishermen to prepare it aboard their boats.

Sweet, sour, crunchy from the peanuts and iced cool. The combination of this dish - Umai is a good way to start the meal as an appetizer to whet the appetite. It is like the combination of the Chinese Yee Sang and Acar, however this is much spicy with the cili padi and sour from the juice. To have this dish, do call them up for reservation as they required two days to prepare ahead for the serving.

Lemon Grass Tea - RM5.50
The signature beverage, helps in aiding digestion, calming nervous disorders and helping in the treatment of high blood pressure. Filled with vitamin A and is good for "those who wish to have bright eyes and clear skin!'. Freshly made from our kitchen.

I find this quite refreshing and it is quite unique to the normal lemon grass tea as it has ginger to it. Probably I love ginger in my food. Therefore, I find this quite interesting and had a fancy to it.

Tuak Mojito
Borneo Rainforest signature cocktail! Mojito with a twist of Tuak! Our very own Borneo rice wine!

On the other hand, this drink had a little liquor - rice wine to it. It should be drink cold as the fizzy drink made it very interesting and a twist to the ordinary rice wine (fermented yeast). With crushed ice, soda and mint leaves, it quite a thirst quenching drink on a hot day.

Surrounded by the sound of the waterfall when night falls - romantic and secluded for a get together.

Borneo Rainforest Cafe
OB-K5, Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway,
3 Jalan PJS 11/15, 46150 Petaling Jaya
T : 03-5635 0888 | F : 03-5635 9411
E :
 Business hours : 5pm – 1am (Tues – Sun, closed on Mon)

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