Birthday Celebration

October 29, 2011
It was KLPF week. I had wanted to go but my friends seems to be busy on that weekend. Fortunate for me, mum is willing to go with me. Waken early in the morning by a birthday wish from a friend in my schooling days. It was so nice of her to drop by at my house to deliver these two little cake for me (knowing that I am on a diet) . . .

I had another cake after dinner, sharing with two other October babies.

The three October babies making a wish before cutting the cake.

Pressies I've received from all my loved ones and my colleague.

Key Chain from TheDotz. Embossed in the keychain are the three of us sisters and a the year behind.

Perfume and body spray

Ang Pau packet from my mum and aunt.

Coin Bank from my colleague and his wife.

Lastly, a present for myself by myself.

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