Sumptuous Desserts, Ikano Power Centre

September 05, 2011
A little store in purple and the whiff of durians when you walk past. You wouldn't miss the dessert counter at the mall. Founded by Ch'ng Lee Lee, whom was a air-stewardess before venturing into the business. She used to prepare for her friends and family before starting it off as a business.

We started off our line of desserts with their best sellers, the durian pancake.

Durian Pancake
RM10 / box of 6 pieces.

Sweet and fragrant durian flesh with fresh cream wrapped in a thin layer of pancake. The smell of the durian is so fragrant and enticing and having you asked for more after biting into it. I wasn't expected it to be the pulpy flesh of the king of fruits and was half expecting it to be the durian flavoured cream. The pancake has to be eaten cold.

Hokkaido Cake (Durian)
RM7 / box of 3 pieces

Decorated lightly with sprinkles of icing sugar. Tearing up the cake cup you will find a soft and fluffy sponge cake. A hole is punched through the top to fill the cake with its fillings - Durian or Vanilla Cream.

Filled with the fragrant durian flesh cream filling. The durian filling not only it fills the cake with durian, but your entire mouthful with its luscious texture. With a cuppa, this is indeed the an ideal item for my tea break.

Vanilla Hokkaido Cake

Having the same texture as the durian Hokkaido cake, the vanilla is the original version of the cake. Soft and fluffy with vanilla cream. This could be shared with those who does not fancy the durian version.

Durian Cream Puff
RM8 / box of 3 pieces

The cream puff is filled with durian cream as well. I find the puff a tad too hard on its own. However, with the cream it is alright. The durian cream is as ever fragrant and creamy to the bite filling the mouthful with the flavourful fruit.

Cempedak Pancake
RM8 / box of 6 pieces

Before we end our session, Lee Lee graciously serves us our last dessert for the day - Cempedak Pancake. The strong sweet taste of the cempedak flesh and fresh cream wrapped in a thin layer of pancake, it will definitely have you ask for more. If durian and cempedak is too strong of a taste for you, you have the third option; mango pancake.

All pancakes are prepared fresh daily to provide the highest quality of product to their customers. As they do not use preservatives and prepared with fresh fruits, the quality is ensure further that they retake the unsold goods from the store daily. If pancake is not your thing, Sumptuous Desserts have other desserts for you; Tiramisu in a cup, Jelly and Mochi.

Sumptuous Dessert is planning to open in Penang and in Singapore in the coming month as well as in other countries. Lee Lee, the founder had also had a plan to franchise her business so that durian lovers from all over the place can have a chance to taste this delicious durian dessert. If you had any plan on venturing the dessert business, you may email to Lee Lee to discuss futher.

IKANO POWER CENTRE(IPC), Lower Ground (opposite Uncle Lim's)
SUNGEI WANG PLAZA, Concourse Level (opposite McDonalds)

THE GARDEN MID VALLEY CITY, Lower Ground Floor (opposite Eu Yan Sang)

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