Heritage Food, Bangsar

August 12, 2011
Located at the heart of Bangsar Baru, Heritage Food is a newly open about 3 weeks ago on the 16th last month. Cozy and comfortable setting of the environment makes it a good place to gather with your family and friends while it caters a variety of heritage food to the crowds in and around the area.

They pride their food of Laksa Johor, Nasi Tomato and Pulut Durian which is also their popular food there. Lets test out these food which they had so much pride in . . . (^_^)
Laksa Johor - RM9.00
Johor style thick fish gravy served on spaghetti with boiled egg, chicken, bean sprouts, cucumber, sambal belacan and lime for taste.

The thick gravy is full of flavour, just nice for me which is not of a spicy food fan. The gravy to me tasted like a mixture of curry laksa and assam laksa. Creamy and yet sourish. A twist of fusion to the laksa for serving it with spaghetti. The presentation of the laksa was good. Each ingredient is placed at a section. The way to eat is to mix all the ingredients together and pour the gravy on it. As much to your liking and for taste, you have the belacan for more spicier kick and lime.

Nasi Tomato - RM12.00
Falls under the traditional delights section, this tomato puree flavoured rice served with ayam masak merah, acar, dalcha and papadum.

I find this rice too much of spice (cloves and star aniseed) in the rice for my liking. For those who like spice, this should be yours! The chicken is great. Tender meat and full of spices to the gravy of the ayam masa merah.

Roti Jala - RM6
Homemade roti jala served with an asian touch chicken potato curry.

It could be their way of the fusion curry. The normal curry which we usually had with the roti jala elsewhere is rather thick and creamy. Not to say that theirs is tasteless, it has very much flavour as well just that it was more watery compared to the curry chicken which usually have.

Grilled Lamb Shoulder - RM22
From the Australian's Butcher's Heritage is the grilled lamb shoulders grilled to perfection with their special marinade.

It's like travelling around the globe. Now we're here at the down under enjoying the tender and aromatic grilled lamb shoulders. This is the best of the main dishes for me. Just loved the minty and sweet taste of their special marinade which goes perfectly well with the grilled lamb. With little lamb fat on the grill, the juice from the melted fat of the lamb is just the per-fect sauce!

It's always great to have desserts at the end of the meal for my sweet tooth.

Pisang ala Bali - RM7

Fried bananas served with brown sugar and grated coconut. Caramelized banana from the deep frying. Slightly deep fried to get the brownish caramelized colour but the center of the banana is soft. The brown sugar and the grated coconut are eaten together with the banana. Sweet and a little tinge of saltiness from the grated coconut to bring out the banana. The brown sugar was provided, if you prefer to have a sweeter taste. I just like them fine without the sugar as the bananas are ripe and sweet.

Anyway, it is always good to eat banana when you're feeling down. It seems that is helps to boost your mood other than giving potassium to prevent cramps before you jumps into the pool.
Bubur Durian with Pulut / Toast - RM6

I would say the presentation of the bubur durian is rather plan compared to the picture in their menu. From my personal interpretation, the bubur is like durian kaya. Therefore, no doubt a toast with the bubur goes well too! Creamy and savoury with bits of durian flesh in the bubur. It wasn't entirely sweet as kaya as you might expect it to be from the look, but instead it is more like a savoury kind of bubur with the fragrance and sweet from the durian.

Drinks :
Jumbo Honeydew fruit juice - RM15
Normal Carrot Juice - RM7
Calamansi - RM4

Special buffet promotion during the month of Ramadhan.

Ramadhan buffet : RM25++/person
Business hours during the Ramadhan : 11am - 1am

Heritage Food
51, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru,
59000, Kuala Lumpur
*same row with AmBank

Tel/fax : 03-2282 8862
Business hours : 8am - 12 midnight

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