Starbucks Juice

April 20, 2011
Was waiting for my mum at her office one day and I saw a nice bottle by her table. It was the Starbucks bottle and there it was... Citrus Crush as the label.

Astonished I asked my mum, and she said it was her colleague which left it there. It was only then that I knew that Starbucks Coffee sells juices in bottle! Call me kampung, but its true.

Since the weather is so hot these days, mum pop by Starbucks the other day and gave us a treat. She bought the two flavours, Citrus Crush and Seriously Orange. So price wise... uhm.. I'll get the price when I go Starbucks the next time.

I refrain from drinking it until I had taken the pictures of it. Was trying to get the cool dew on the bottle. From my refrigerator before we consume the juices to quench our thirst.

My sister is messing around while waiting for me to finish with the photo taking to get the first gulp of the juices.

Citrus Crush (Orange + Strawberry + Pink Guava) - RM9
" Rumoured to be great for the immune system"
Thirst quencher with a flavour. Sweet and sour from both the orange and strawberry with a after taste of guava.

Seriously Orange (Orange Juice) - RM9
"Some say it's their morning favourite and rich in vitamin C"
Just orange, my sister prefers this of just orange compare to the combination of fruit juices. This is for those who doesn't want mixes of fruits in their juices.

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