Snogurt, Subang Jaya

April 03, 2011
Was invited by my dear friend Caren to go up to her house for dinner cum gathering over the weekend.

On our way to Klang, I was practically forced by my fellow passengers Yeh Hung and Angelia, to drop by at Snogurt before getting the  ice-cream for dessert in Klang.

Snogurt is a Italian premium non-fat frozen yogurt. Though it was frozen yogurt, but it is creamy and it comes with a variety of flavour- original, apple, chocolate, mango, strawberry, peach and pomegranate.

And of course, there is a wide range of condiments which you can add into your cup/bowl of yogurt. Cornflakes, Oreo, peanuts, kiwis, peaches, syrups (chocolate and strawberry), chocolate sprinkles, marshmallow and much more.

The pricing is based on weight, RM0.49 for 10grams. So the more you put into your bowl the more hefty you have to pay. =) Our creation of 465gm cost us RM23.20

And our creation ... of Just Snogurt, Screaming Apple and Chic Chocolate with peaches, peanuts, nate de coco, lychee and some white chocolate chips.

No.9, Jalan SS15/7 Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03 5638 7898
Web :

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