Ngau Kee Beef Noodle, Tengkat Tong Shin

April 23, 2011
It had been years since the last time I went down to the city center. The first thing that came to mind on what to have for lunch is the famous Ngau Kee Bee Noodle. It is small road side stall that had been selling beef noodles for years.

Without a doubt me and my friend ordered the dried version. The noodles are springy, the sort of noodles in wantan mee. The dried version of beef noodles are topped with mince meat and spring onion in dark sauce. Beef ball came separately in a bowl of soup. The soup is flavourful and sweet, the kind of sweet from the hours of braising.

We couldn't get enough of beef in our food, we ordered an additional bowl of beef mix - RM12 if I am not mistaken. We both cleared the bowl in minutes!

The chillies are served in traditional clay pot. This is reminded me of those coffee shops in the old district.

Nice cooling limau ais to quench our thirst on a sunny day.

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