Desserts at Caren's

April 07, 2011
Caren had invited us to her home over the weekend to finish the ice-cream we bought to her place the last time. And she is doing something new at her place (Steam-care from Wusien Consume-Merchant (M) Sdn Bhd, steaming for health purposes) other than doing Gourmet Cottage which is open to public dining during the weekend.

I had craved for banana split and pasta for a few days now. The time is just right when Caren's invitation came. With such good cook and the craving for some desserts, we then decided to make the event of desserts. Had gone through various food blogs on ideas to make. Then she decided that we have strawberry mousse, chocolate banana ice-cream and filo of something.

And the menu is finalize on the day itself. We have spaghetti balognese for lunch and our main event of desserts - choco banana filo with ice cream and strawberry mousse.

Had always like Caren's spaghetti dishes. This time she had uses pork. There was once she uses mutton to make the sauce. It was really nice with a pungent of spices and herbs with the taste of the mutton. Pork balognese sauce wasn't too bad either, it has a very flavorful with spices and herbs she put into the sauce but without the taste of the juicy mutton. Half way through lunch... she highlighted that we had forgotten about putting in cheese!

The way Caren made it is so simple and easy. Choco Banana Filo, different way you do with Filo. You buy the Filo from any supermarket. She made it as a dessert this time. Sandwiching between the filo in the dessert is just an ordinary chocolate banana cake - butter cake with chocolate syrup and banana slices. Several steps of baking to complete the dish. Serves it with a scoop of ice-cream creates a different sensational textures to the food. Cold and creamy against a warm and crunchy filo.

My version of banana split... heheh... not exactly banana split though. This helps with the banana split craving though. To add in a little fun of colour, I uses the chocolate sprinkle.

Up next is the strawberry mousse. Just simple blending of the ingredients and you have creamy smooth mousse! Will I be able to make this dessert on my own... *wondering*.

Mousse a french food of foam by incorporating air bubble to give it a light and airy texture or it maybe creamy and thick. I think our version is a combination of all these maybe more to creamy and thick, being light and airy from the whipping cream and the whipping, and it is also creamy and thick from the yogurt we uses. After refrigerating for two hours, we indulge into the sweet creamy fruity mousse.

Custard pie from pre-made frozen tart base and custard cream of banana, yam and coconut. Not a fan of custard. I don't quite like the sticky and gooey custard. Would prefer to have them in cheese or fruit tart.
o(◕ ‿ ◕)o

My other dear friend bought her 'baby doll' as she was home alone with her daughter. Just turn one a few weeks earlier, she walked around on her wobbling walk and occasional crawl while we were busy cooking and preparing. She is so cute doing her baby talk. Very talkative indeed but we don't understand a word she says other then 'Cheh Cheh' and 'Papa'

Showing off her teeth. "Cheh Cheh, see my new teeth"

Here are a few shots of 'Baby Doll' when she was playing on the floor while we the adults are catching up on various subject. She looks just like the older brother which is at Penang at that moment.

The next time we meet her again she might not be doing baby talk and would be telling us stories of going to school. Arh... she might be calling us "Aunty" then.

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