Coffee Ritual, Section 14

February 18, 2011
It was the girls day's out. We decided to go as I had wanted to eat something healthy and light. All of us - Angelia, YH and myself had liked coffee. Simple and cozy, decorated with utensils for coffee making which is also for sale, and the window to the floor as the wall which you can look out. The window is also decorated with pictures of Cambodia (probably their recent trip)

Columbian Blend coffee - RM6.00
Cappuccino - RM6.20
I couldn't take coffee at night, therefore, I opt for iced honey instead. While my fellow friends ordered Columbia blend and Cappuccino as Coffee Ritual is great with coffee.

We ordered two sets of Dinner set which comes with soup of the day a bun. Cream of mushroom, creamy and bites of cubed mushroom and topped with croutons.

Mushroom and Turkey Roast Crepe combo - RM12.80
Sauteed mushroom and turkey wrapped in a crepe. Serves with salad and pepper brown sauce. A bit too much of pepper overpowering the crepe roll.

Fish & Chips Set - RM22.80
The set comes with soup of the day, a bun, and a dessert. Crispy fish fillet fried to golden brown serves with crinkle cut fries and tartar sauce.

Grilled Cajun Chicken set with butter rice or baked potato - RM23.20
The set comes with soup of the day, a bun, and a dessert. Tender juicy chicken serves with blanch vegetables and butter rice. Buttery flavoured rice goes very well with the flavourful chicken.

The combination of the two desserts, crepe with ice-cream. Sweet and cold ice-cream on a thin warm and chocolate drizzled crepe.

No. 35, Jalan 14/20, Section 14,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-7956 1080

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