Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant

January 13, 2011
New Year Eve dinner

Luckily for mum and dad to drop by the restaurant at 3pm to make reservation, else there won't be any seat for us. Chili, she told us that there could be place for us at 8pm. Minutes before 8pm, the three of us are there waiting to be seated. Chili told us the table just asked for bill, and we will be seated shortly.

They have a menu by the main entrance. While waiting to be seated we went through the menu. We roughly know what we wanted to eat.We were seated at a corner tatami seating on the second floor. The upper story of the restaurant is full. Looking out the window, can be seen customers waiting to be seated.

Nihonkai SP Maki

We ordered Nihonkai Sp Maki. This is so nice that dad asked for a second order.
Assorted raw fish and vegetables wrapped in vinegared rice and seaweed.

Mum ordered Unagi kabayaki - RM33.00
Grilled eel with special sauce.

Dad ordered Nihonkai Special - RM22.00
Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce.

I was craving for some beef, therefore I ordered Sliced Beef Special - RM23.00
Stir fried sliced beef with garlic sauce.

Sliced Beef Special

Unagi kabayaki | Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce | Goma Ice-Cream and Macha Ice-Cream

As for dessert we have
Macha Ice-Cream and Goma Ice-cream. Both without red bean.
I like the macha ice-cream better. strong green tea taste and its not too sweet.
While mom and dad like the Black Sesame ice-better. They like the flavourful taste and the fragrant black sesame of the ice-cream.

Macha Ice-cream - RM6.00, Macha Ice-cream without red bean - RM5.00 and
Goma Ice-cream for RM9.00, Goma ice-cream without red bean - RM8.00

The serving was generous. We shared among ourselves. Having tasted the three dishes. I got to say I like all of it!

The total damage was RM137.00

4-2 Jalan Telok Gadong, Off Jalan Klang Lama,
Batu 3 1/2, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
03-7982 3668

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