Ding Dai Fung

November 30, 2010
Lunch with my colleagues and fellow blogger at The Gardens. We were there to visit the then KLPE. Lunch time came and its time to fill the tummy!

Xiao Long Bao - RM9.80
How can we resist from ordering one of their famous dishes? Juicy and sweet filling from the meat. Goes well with shredded ginger and black vinegar.

Shrimp Pork Dumpling - RM10.80
Similar to xiao long bao. Except it is filled with an additional ingredient, the shrimp. Goes well with shredded ginger and black vinegar too.

Spicy Jelly Fish - RM7.00
One of their specialty too I heard. The jelly fish is imported from Taiwan itself. Fresh juicy jelly fish. Cold and spicy appetizer dish. I think I am able to eat another basket of Xiao Long Bao after this dish!

Shrimp Pork Wanton La Mien - RM15
Need I say more? The name has it all. The wanton is filled with shrimp and pork. Big and smooth wanton. The wanton skin is not too thick. Just thick enough to conceal the filling and endure the process of cooking. The La Mien is smooth and chewy. Hybrid tasted of between spaghetti and Udon.

Shrimp Fried Rice - RM15
A whiff of the fragrance from the fried rice and its ingredient when they serve the rice on our table. You can see the big shrimp in the fried rice. Between the grain of rice is of egg, hence the powerful fragrance.

Pu Er Tea - RM12/pot
A pot of tea for four, good for clearing oil and of course quench our thirst while we discuss on various topics!

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