Dissapointed Dinner

September 29, 2010
Was so hungry after sending my cousin home in Kuchai Lama. Dad is still stuck in Klang somewhere and would be able to come home for dinner. Both me and my mum decided to eat somewhere around Kuchai Lama. It has been sometimes I'm circulating the shop lots there for parking after I stopped Yoga bout a year now.

We decided to give Station 1 a try even though there were several other cafes there. I was practically starving after I found a parking after going 2 rounds. Quickly scan through the menu and gave our order. The restaurant wasn't full, serving only 5 tables. And it took them so long to serve us our food - my drink!

Special Salad Chicken Chop Rice - RM10.90
Ribena Lemon - RM2.80
Mushroom soup - Rm4.90
Chicken Sandwich - RM5.90

Other than the Special Salad Chicken Chop Rice, others are a disappointment. The soup is salty, the ribena lemon is tasteless, and the chicken sandwich... is that a sandwich anyway? ... is also very salty!

Not sure I will patron to that place again. We have to call the waiter several times for bill before they take notice of us. They were standing around at the counter chatting!

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