Sam U Claypot Restaurant

July 25, 2010
Friday night, being a night out for dinner at different location with a few friends and colleague(s). Running out of idea where and what to eat, YH decided to go for something 'cheaper' compared to our usual dinner at cafes and fancy restaurant.  We went to a small restaurant in state, Sam U Claypot Restaurant. Small restaurant, few doors away from UOB Bank. They serve most of their dishes in claypot. Petite and small.

We ordered, Fried Bean Curd with Assorted Eggs, very yummy. Smooth and savoury with the different eggs hidden in the bean curd. Assam seafood is different from the normal ones as this is less sour and hot. Just nice for people like me which do not favour spicy that much. Next came our Stewed Pork with Red Wine. Tasted a little like the vinegar pork but with very less gravy in comparison. Tasted good though. Then the vegetables which came as a recommendation from the waitress was a little dissapointment to me. Nice name but a little pricey for it tasted exactly like "Tang Hou" which was used for steamboat.
Fried Bean Curd with Assorted Eggs (hidden salted egg, century egg and eggs) - RM8.00

Assam Seafood - RM16.00

Stewed Pork With Red Wine - RM15.00

Dragon Phoenix Vegetables (tasted like Tang Hou) - RM12.00

After dinner we went over to the next shop, right next door for dessert, Strawberry Fields Cafe. We were too full to look for desserts. We then just ordered drinks instead. Ice Longan and Ice Honey Lemon. Nothing fantastic. But the place was pretty nice as they draw the murals on the wall... mixture or retro and vintage.

Our drinks of Iced Longan and Iced Honey Lemon

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